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Donate a Tree or Herbal Plant - Sorry Cancelled for 2009

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Every plant counts. There are thousands of people in Africa diagnosed with HIV/Aids every year. We want to support everyone of these people and their friends and families too. We can only do this with your help. Please make a donation of a tree for yourself or a friend. The clinic sites include clinical herb and tree gardens. Trees can be purchased in the gardens for £20. When the tree is planted you will receive a photograph of its planting and information about it therapeutic uses.

Please donate one or more of either:

We send both parties a certificate to thank you for your generosity (recipent as well if email provided).

Click here to print the form and send a cheque or postal order.

Your name : (25) Your email address : (40)

The recipient's name : (25) The recipient's email address: (40)

Type of Plant :
Herb/Small Bush at £10 each Tree(s) at £20 each

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We collect the email addresses to allow us to send you progress reports, we do not give these address to any other third parties. When you press submit you will be able to make the apropriate payment through your Paypal.

We prefer to use emails to send you the receipts and certificate as this reduces costs and maximises the use of your donation. A laminated version can be obtained by writing to us, enclosing a cheque or postal order £2.75 quoting your Paypal purchase order number, or by adding £2.75 per certificate required to the total. This pays for printing, laminating, postage and packing.

Please send your request to:

26000 Bricks for Africa
C/O 5 Woodland View,
NP4 6NS.


Posters and Leaflets for Homoeopaths

Please download these files, print them and distribute them to your patients.




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