26000 Bricks for Africa

In Loving Memory - Choosing a lasting Memorial

Methods of commeration available.

Plant a Tree
Because 26000 Bricks is a small charity, its officers can be very flexible about specific memorials.

The clinic sites include herb and tree gardens. Plants can be purchased in the gardens for as little as £10. When the tree is planted you will receive a photograph of its planting and information about it therapeutic uses.

Plants, bushes and trees are currently planted on farm (Shimba) associated with 26000 Bricks. They will be transplanted when the sites are ready to receive them. The farm is in the Kissi area and can be visited after a short 2 hour journery from Kissi town center.

Planting a tree in the garden is not just a gesture but an act of global healing.

Each plant will improve the habitats of forna and fauana and we will provide medicines for the future.

You can sponsor a plant at any time to trade carbon dioxide emission for car, train, and plane travel. Each plant is planeted with a card identifying the donator, who it was donated for, and a message.

A Plaque Memorial
A plaque at a clinic could be provided for donations of over £1000. Those contributing £2,000 would have their names listed in the trust's accounts and annual report in addition to a plaque.

Larger Donations
For £8,000 a consulting room or laboratory naming would be possible. Larger sums could be directed to a particular clinic or project or pieces of equipment. Click here to contact us.

Currently £26,000 would fully fund a clinic and its name may reflect the donor. Please contact the Chairperson or Secretary to discuss details and possible plans. Click here to contact us.

Student Sponsorship
Two forms of Student sponsorship are possible, either support the education and training of a Traditional Complimentary Alternative Medicine student or establish a research studentship for investigation of the use and ethicacity of T/CAMs.

The main School teaches Homeopathy but the facility can be used by other practitioners for teaching purposes. The period of education and training for different medicines varies please Click here to contact us to discuss.

Medical research provides a good opprtunity for donators to support Homeopathic research. All donations and bequests, however small, are welcomed and can be put towards a research project. A day's research at one of the clinics costs around £60, a full years research depending on the content and resources required is about £2000. Click here to contact us.

Payroll Giving
This is a scheme whereby employees can give to charity directly from their pay and get tax relief on their payments. It provides a cost effective way to the donor to give, since the amount given to charity is deductible from the gross salary before PAYE tax is calculated. So tax is payable on the net salary only, after the gift has been deducted.

The major problem with this method of giving is that it is necessary to negotiate with a charity separately over the way the money is to be used, since the scheme passes money to the charity through a charities' agency. However, our constitution is clear about the use of any monies received, we must use it to build and maintain the clinics, develop and maintain teaching/training facilities, update and purchase appropriate equipment for T/CAM clinics, provide financial support for mobile T/CAM clinics.

Deeds of Covenants
This is a way of giving on a long-term basis and is a legally binding way of giving away part of one's income every year. A deed of covenant form is available. The covenant must be paid for more than three years if the giver and charity want to get tax relief. Our covenant is for four years and is renewable. Deeds of covenant do not provide tax relief at source as payroll giving does.

Tax relief is obtained by the donor subtracting tax at the basic rate when paying the gift to charity. Providing the donor is paying at least that amount in tax, tax relief is obtained by keeping the amount that has been deducted. 26000 Bricks claim back the tax from the Inland Revenue so that it is not out of pocket.



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