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What happen on Safari

The original plan was to attend clinics for the month, not to arrive and go off on safari, but the previous volunteer asked if I would like to join her before she left.


The great rift valley





Like so many tales of travel we started of with 3 break downs, the first was overheated engine, the second was the puncher and the 3rd was an engine that just would not start.







Here we are almost at the Masia Mara with the new (repaired Tire) in place. The road below was in the reserve, but it was better than some parts of the main road from Nairobi we had just spent 9 hours on.










Upon arrival at the camp we met the other campers, eat a simple meal, and it became dark went to bed.







The Morning the real animal hunt begain. Our first animal was a Zebra, followed by another and so on. The week before we were told virtually animals were to be seen but now the mirgation had started hundreds and thousands zebra and wilderbeast had arrived.







It is a time of easy pickings for the lions. All the kills we saw were made be the males.













Lions do have many friends.....





To be finished




















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