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Visiting Africa

Currently you can visit the project via our association with the Abha Light Foundation. The current program is for a stay of a minimum of one month with a small donation of $800 to cover accommodation and travel costs (in Kenya).

Once the Kissi site is complete we will be able to offer a shorter stay of 2 weeks working in the Kissi clinic and the mobile clinics attached. An alternative program is the possibility of a Safari (with an additional cost of about $240, £120, Ks16000 - 2007) for one week and the possibility of visiting clinics in other countries.

The donation given by each volunteer is used to fund the subsidized mobile clinics, re-investment into facilities, and aspects of the teaching program.

The current program for a visitor varies dependant upon the needs/requests of the volunteers. With the Kissi facility the program can be more organized, with fixed accommodation and clinic location, rather than a ten hour drive on bumpy farmyard roads from Nairobi.

The Abha Light Toru clinic between Nairobi and Mombassa is currently being up graded with accommodation for visitors. The Woti mobile clinic has been made permanent with the co-operation of the local Dispensary Committee, and a permanent Homeopathic building is being built alongside the current allopathic site. It is also possible to visit these locations as well.


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