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Donate a Tree for Christmas






For this first year we are promoting the idea of filling the Clinic Gardens with Trees and plants. This is a long term gift form any supporter. We want to have doanted 300 plants before Christmas. The plan is our to provide certificates to the donor to recognise their gift. There will be a certificate for the donor and the person for whom they made the gift. There will be some information about this promotion and 26000Bricks on the reverse of the certificate.





Plants, bushes and trees will be grown, planted and natured on the Calvin Otwori father's farm ( Shimba ) just outside Kissi . The plants will be transplanted when the sites are ready to receive them.

When the tree is planted the donor will receive a photograph of its planting and information about its therapeutic uses.

Each plant will have a colourfull label attached to it to recognise the donor and recietpent, which is either around to the tree or appear as a small sign.

Donators will receive an email certificate of planting for week commencing 12 th December to pass onto their recipient. Providing a request is`received by the 30th November certificates etc will be produced for Christmas.

To give a friend a tree for Christmas and support the creation of a Homeopathic School and Clinic in Kenya, click here.

To publicise the promotion we have created a leaflet, which we are happy for you to download print and distribute. The leaflet encourages people to come to the web site or a complete form and send to our offices. Click here to download the leaflet as word document.


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